October 8, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town.....

 With the holiday season quickly approaching, I'm so excited to have my gift certificates back in stock!
The Large Soy Shots are becoming quite the seller, so be sure to pick yours up soon. These are approx 2oz each (including the container and lid) and are a wonderful alternative if you are concerned about an open flame. Large Soy Shots are sold individually and there is no purchase minimum. These retail at $2.25 each.
Don't want to commit to a Large Soy Shot? Not a problem! Pick up some of the Sample Size Soy Shots! These little gals are the perfect size to try out a new scent.
The Sample Size Soy Shots do have a purchase minimum of 10 in order to keep the cost down and they retail at $1.25 each. These weigh in at approx 1oz each (including the container and lid).

 Love options? Here's another one!
This is a great season for lighting a candle just to simply enjoy the flicker of a flame or the aroma of a fall or holiday scent.
Sinful Scents offers a Travel Tin candle in any fragrance on the scent list.
These retail at $6.50 each and are available in a modern and sophisticated tin with lid.
The Travel Tin candles weigh in at approx 6oz each (including container and lid).

Would you rather have an all glass jar? Not a problem :)
I have the cute and classy bean pot jar available in limited quantity for this holiday season.
These bean pot candles retail at $13.00 each and weigh in at approx 20 (including glass jar and lid).
The square glass cube is another option listed on my website.
These retail at $12.50 each.
All candles and soy shots are made with 100% soy wax.
All fragrances used in my products are Phthalate Free.
Coming this holiday season: Gift Sets!!
Candles with matching room sprays, Candles with matching lotions and liquid soap, and lip balm sets. Keep an eye out on Facebook and here on the Blog.

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  1. I absolutely freaking love your soy shots! I am so addicted...yum, yum, yum!
    I am looking forward to gift sets! Maybe I can pick a few up for family & friends, or heck, for myself too, haha! ;)