December 26, 2010

Up and Coming!

I have created a Facebook page for Sinful Scents! I'm still working on updating it, but it's up! Please follow the link provided and click like to stay updated on all of our products and to receive future Facebook fan savings!

4 of the 8 scents of candles are now in the cooling process. So far, we have Verbena Bamboo, Grandma's Blueberry Cobbler, Forbidden Secrets, & Vanilla Cotton.

Verbena Bamboo: A green, fruity bouquet with lilac, citrus, rose, musk, and clove notes.
Grandma's Blueberry Cobbler:Freshly baked blueberry cobbler, straight out of Grandma's oven.
Forbidden Secrets: Tropical, floral, & fruity with notes of passion fruit, papaya-mango, jasmine, musk, & cyclamen.
Vanilla Cotton: Red currant, soft dewberry, ylang petals, and lily of the valley, with undertones of white amber, vanilla orchid, and warm musk.
Sandalwood: Exotic, fruity, floral blend, with a background of sweet sandalwood and warm musk.
Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee: Rich bouquet of sweet vanilla and warm macadamia nuts.
Warm Apple Cider: Green, floral bouquet of apple and spices with a sweet background.
Wedding cake: Smells just like a slice of white cake, sure to have your mouth watering for more!
Sweet Almond Delight: Blend of cherry, lilac, rose, and jasmine notes with a sweet almond background.

More scents to come! If anyone has suggestions, feel free to email me or post to the Sinful Scents Facebook wall.

December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Well the holidays crept up on us all this year. I hope everyone out there gets to spend some time with family & friends. I personally can't wait to open presents on Christmas morning! Christmas Eve my fiance, Chance & I are going over to Billie & Jeff's (his Aunt & Uncle) for lots of yummy goodness. The menu includes: 2 different types of chicken-spicy or sweet, baked risotto (for those vegetarians in the family....Billie), grilled salad....mmmm, and lots of others! Then on to everyone's favorite....the bag game! Lots of gag gifts or awesome, useful gifts to choose from or fight over :)

On a more business oriented note, I created my first batch of all natural lip balm Saturday! It was so much fun and not hard at all. The hardest part was waiting for the base itself to melt. Now I'm just waiting on my "graphic designer", Jeff to finish up my logo, it's awesome, retro, & chic! I can't wait for everyone to see it! Once I get the final draft, I can print my labels, slap 'em on the lip balms, and list them for sale on my Etsy shop! Can't wait!
Well, I'm off here for now. Gotta go get ready for Christmas! Until next time!


~Merry Christmas & Happy New Year~

December 13, 2010

A new day!

Over the past couple weeks I've been debating on finding myself a hobby or not...I've come to the conclusion that YES, a hobby would be wonderful!
It all started with the idea of handmade candles, made from soy wax and I just ran with it from there.
So for Christmas I asked for a candle making kit, comes with just about everything I need to get this business up and running.
Yesterday, I had decided that I was going to order myself a Christmas present....lip balm supplies! Who doesn't want a 100% All Natural lip balm that doesn't cost a fortune? So, I purchased the supplies for that and I should have them by the end of the week!
This evening, I created my first ever shop. If you've never been there, you should take a few minutes each day and shop around. They have just about anything handmade that you can think of! It's fantastic!
So, I opened up my shop tonight, of course I don't have anything on it yet for anyone to buy, but it's there!
Anyway, I'm off to bed now to dream of lip balm & candle scents.