December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Well the holidays crept up on us all this year. I hope everyone out there gets to spend some time with family & friends. I personally can't wait to open presents on Christmas morning! Christmas Eve my fiance, Chance & I are going over to Billie & Jeff's (his Aunt & Uncle) for lots of yummy goodness. The menu includes: 2 different types of chicken-spicy or sweet, baked risotto (for those vegetarians in the family....Billie), grilled salad....mmmm, and lots of others! Then on to everyone's favorite....the bag game! Lots of gag gifts or awesome, useful gifts to choose from or fight over :)

On a more business oriented note, I created my first batch of all natural lip balm Saturday! It was so much fun and not hard at all. The hardest part was waiting for the base itself to melt. Now I'm just waiting on my "graphic designer", Jeff to finish up my logo, it's awesome, retro, & chic! I can't wait for everyone to see it! Once I get the final draft, I can print my labels, slap 'em on the lip balms, and list them for sale on my Etsy shop! Can't wait!
Well, I'm off here for now. Gotta go get ready for Christmas! Until next time!


~Merry Christmas & Happy New Year~

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